Remedy Web Solutions provides web design, hosting, peer-reviewed pediatric & adult content and other web-based tools for the medical websites of physicians, hospitals and corporations.

Attract more patients

Make that “first impression” a good one with a well-designed site and content that gives patients a reason to return frequently.

Low cost

Attract new clients while educating current clients by adding over 300 pages of medical content to your site; reducing your overall operating expenses. We can design, build and host a web presence for you at a significantly lower rate than the current market.

Limit your after-hours calls

Our survey of 2,000 patients showed that 58% of them did not need to call the doctor’s office after reading our online content.

Lower programming costs

If you already have a website, our XML toolkit allows your programmer to add over 300 pages of our specialized content to your site in less than an hour. Edit and redesign your site with personalized medical content.

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Since we started using Pediatric Web 5 years ago, our practice volume has increased by 25% but our answering service and nurse triage bills have remained the same.

Chip Southern
Practice Administrator
Greenwood Pediatrics

Nearly every new parent in our practice checks out our web site before they come to meet us. The quality and usefulness of the Pediatric Web content is a strong draw for the new parent.

Dr. Noah Makovsky
Stapleton Pediatrics