Remedy Web Solutions is a web design firm that provides peer-reviewed pediatric/adult content and other web-based tools for the websites of pediatric and family practice offices, hospitals and corporations.

Triage & Advice

The premier content, “Is Your Child Sick?” is written by Dr. Bart Schmitt and is a collection of nearly 100 pediatric symptoms that address parents concerns when their child is ill after hours. Pediatric offices have reported an increase in visitors to their site by over 400% after adding this content to their site. Remedy Web also has similar adult information, written by Dr. David Thompson, entitled “Are You Sick?”.

Medical Conditions

We asked many of the top medical experts in the country to contribute articles, which are regularly updated, about pediatric conditions to ensure that your families have the latest information.


Our Content Management System allows you to update information about cold and cough medication as well as pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.


An excellent resource for new moms that includes: Tips to get started; How do I know my baby is getting enough milk?; Jaundice and breastfeeding; Mastitis treatment; Herbal remedies and much more.


The 25 most common questions that parents have about their newborn are answered here.

Child Behavior

Every parent wants advice about raising their child. Here are 17 articles about the basics of dealing with common childhood behaviors: Biting, Defiance, Tantrums, Bedtime hassles, Whining and much more.


From Acne to Smoking, Anxiety or Depression, or the latest on Tattoos…your parents and teens will get critical information to their health.

Special Needs

Remedy Web has gathered together the most relevant materials to assist parents with special needs children to look for resources in managing their child’s health and insurance, school and social environments.


A primer for parents and caregivers on CPR and Choking.


This optional service provides your practice with all of the assessment tools to allow your parents to fill out developmental or behavioral screenings online.