Remedy Web Solutions creates medical websites with peer-reviewed pediatric & adult content for primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and corporations.

Your organization's website is the virtual representation of your values and expertise. Patients and clients often get their "first impression" of you by visiting your site. That's why our experience, low cost and unique medical content have made us the first choice for many medical professionals.

Pediatric Web



Medical Web Design

Your reputation arises from your patient's confidence in your clinical skills. Your website should reflect that level of professionalism. We'll create a unique custom website for you that is patient-centered, rich with medical content and search engine-friendly.

Medical Content Feeds

Already have a website? Our Content Module can be easily fed to your site. It includes peer-reviewed medical resources for your sick patients, updated on a regular basis and peer-reviewed by established authors and specialists. Read more about the ways that this content will improve patient care, attract more patients and decrease your after-hours calls.

Special Tools For Your Site

  • Create an inexpensive, secure patient portal
  • Let patients register online, request a referral or non-urgent appointment
  • Decrease your after hours costs with WebPager MD
  • Create a mobile version of your site
  • Online tools to help your patients care for themselves